Schedule - PgDU 2019

Introduction to Query Planning and Execution

Date: 2019-11-15
Time: 09:45–10:25
Room: Conference Room
Level: Intermediate

An overview of how PostgreSQL plans and executes your queries. A deep-dive into the meaning of the output of EXPLAIN, how plans are formed and how to influence them so that you can improve the performance of your database. Some topics covered along the way:

  • Origins of relational databases and planners
  • Planning concepts: paths, statistics, costs, plans, ...
  • Access methods and FDWs: heap, btree, brin, gin, gist, ...
  • Operators: scans, joins, parallelism, ...
  • Tuning, resource usage and monitoring
  • Developments in recent releases
  • Areas for future development


Thomas Munro