Conference Schedule - PgDU 2018

PostgreSQL in FinTech - case study on growing adoption of PostgreSQL in FinTech

Date: 2018-12-07
Time: 14:30 - 15:15
Room: Conference Room
Level: Intermediate

PostgreSQL is being adopted more widely and readily in the FinTech enterprise. This includes major international banks, stock exchanges, card gateways etc. Not only is the adoption growing, many of these enterprises are standardizing their database infrastructure with PostgreSQL. This talk will explore the variety of FinTech enterprises that are now adopting PostgreSQL, their reasons for doing so and our experience in helping them implement PostgreSQL. The talk will also cover what more PostgreSQL can do to make the adoption easier and also the features that will influence the decision makers. Description: This talk will cover the following topics: - FinTech organisations around the world that are now using PostgreSQL as their standard RDBMS - The features and other reasons that made them chose PostgreSQL over other RDBMS - Criteria that is used by FinTechs to evaluate RDBMS - Regulatory requirements and Government policies that impact the decision making, especially in APC - Challenges facing these organisations before and after PostgreSQL adoption - Features that are needed in PostgreSQL to make it easier (TDE, PII masking, etc)